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Distribution of shallow water delta and the genesis of thick layer sand bodies of Chang 82 sub-member in the Triassic Yanchang Formation, Longdong Area, Ordos Basin
LIU Hanlin1,2, QIU Zhen1, XU Liming3, WANG Fengqin4, TONG Qiang5, LIN Jiahao6, YIN Shuai4, WANG Wenqiang7
1. PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development, Beijing 100083, China;
2. School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China;
3. PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company, Xi’an 710021, China;
4. College of Geosciences and Engineering, Xi’an Shiyou University, Xi’an 710065, China;
5. State Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics/Department of Geology, Northwest University, Xi'an 710069, China;
6. No.3 Gas Production Plant, PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company, Wushenqi 017300, China;
7. State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resources and Prospecting, College of Geosciences, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Beijing 102249, China
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